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A3 Art Prints

Our A3 art prints will transform any wall into a plant-lover's paradise! Bold illustrations of... 

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Our A4 houseplant art prints will transform any wall into a plant-lover's paradise! Bold... 

Making Every Home A Jungle

Are you sick of your boring white walls? ...Not anymore! Transform your home into an urban jungle paradise, with our boldly illustrated Plant Genus art prints.

  • Boring White Walls Are The Worst!

    Walls – boring, white, and generally underwhelming. If you live in a smaller space, it can be hard to find space for many plants, leaving many of us unable to build the urban jungle in our homes that we crave. So why not take advantage of this unused space? Our plant art prints display a range of beautiful foliage, transforming your dull walls into a tropical paradise! Build Your (Dream) Jungle.

  • Free Plant Care Advice Service

    At Build Your Jungle UK, we care about providing you with all the resources you need to assist you on your journey through plant parenthood. Got a planty question you need answering? From crispy Calatheas to yellowing Yuccas...we've got you covered! We can help with pest identification, general troubleshooting for common houseplant issues, and treatment recommendations. Drop us an email or DM us on Instagram and we'll be happy to help you.

Build Your Jungle original photography, close up of a Philodendron 'Pink Princess' leaf, which is burgundy in colour with vibrant patches of pink variegation and dark pink stems. A new growth point is poking out from the stem.
Build Your Jungle original photography, a close up aerial view of Fittonia leaves, showing the nerve-like patterns across the leaves. The primary leaf colour is lime and the plant's veins are bright fuchsia.