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Monstera Foliage Heavy Weight Art Print

Monstera Foliage Heavy Weight Art Print

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Our Monstera Foliage A4 art print will transform any wall into a plant-lover's paradise! Bold illustrations of these rare, tropical plants will be sure to give you your daily foliage fix. Everyone's heard of the Monstera deliciosa – undoubtedly an all-time classic! But how about some of the rarer varieties? With plants straight from your wishlist (Monstera 'Thai Constellation', we're looking at you!) to some more common stunners (Monstera adansonii) this poster is ideal for all you Monstera maniacs!

Includes the following species of Monstera: Deliciosa, Lechleriana, Albo Variegata, Dubai, Obliqua, Siltepecana, Adansonii, Subpinnata, Pinnatipartita, Thai Constellation, Standleyana, Aurea, Peru, and Borsigiana.

DIMENSIONS: A4 (210mm x 297mm). Frame not included.


300gsm Card Stock, Digitally Printed

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